SREC National Project

About the Project


"Storage and renewables electrifying Cyprus"

Storage is a necessary  component  of  Renewable  Energy  generation  and  use.   Storage  forms  a significant  part  of  any  roadmap  leading  to  high  penetration  levels of  RES  in  any  Grid.   In autonomous  Grids  and  Systems  as  in  Cyprus  the  need  of  storage  is  of  high  priority  in terms  of safety,  efficient  use  of  infrastructure,  RES  penetration,  emissions  reductions,  local  added  value  and sustainability.
During  the  course  of this  project screening of  existing   storage  &  hybridization technologies, development of novel storage &  hybrid  technologies  suitable  for  applications  in  the  Grid and  the demand  needs  of  Cyprus,  examination of   the  applicability  of  smart Grid storage  at  various  scales and activity  levels,  quantification  of  the  implications  of  these  technologies  at  all  levels  of  Grid operability,  RES  penetration,  cost  of  energy,  infrastructure  efficiency  &  development,  local  added value  and  sustainability are  among  the  project  goals.   Additionally  the  project  aims  to  removing the regulatory  and  administration  barriers  thus  permitting  storage/hybrid  applications.  Finally  has  the goal to  apply  knowledge  generated  during  the  course  of  this  project  to  set  up,  at  ready-to-built  level, two  medium scale demonstration  storage/hybrid  plants  suitable  to  attract  investors  who  will  built and operate  them.
By  the  end  of  the  project  it  is  expected  that  storage  and  hybridization methodologies  suitable  for Cyprus  will  be  ready  to  develop  in  terms  of  both  technology,  siting,  scale,  administrative  and licensing  issues  and  two  demonstration  plants  will  be ready  to  built  by  interested  investors.

Project Informations:

Acronym:  SREC
Category: National Projects
Funding: Research & Innovation Foundation
Contract No.: INTEGRATED/0916/0074
Scientific Field: Energy
Status: Ongoing
Starting Date: 01/09/2019
End Date: 31/08/2021

 Frederick University