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Novel Storage Concepts to increase RES penetration in autonomous systems. The case of Cyprus

Novel Storage Concepts to increase RES penetration in autonomous systems. The case of Cyprus

Dr. George Tzamalis, Demetris Hadjipetrou, Dr. George Karagiorgis, Dr. Athanasios Katsanevakis, Dimitris Konstandinidis, George Partasides, Maria-Eleni Delenta


The intermittent nature of RES and the variations between RES generation and demand profiles create a roadblock for the increased RES penetration into electric grids. Scope of this research paper is to examine the immense benefits offered by the application of RES-Storage hybrid technologies on the overall performance, resilience and sustainability of the transmission system of the republic of Cyprus. The RES plants, mainly represented by commercial solar photovoltaic systems, are optimally synthesized with pumped-hydro storage technology and battery energy storage systems, forming the so-called hybrid power park modules. The hybrid power parks are synergistically integrated into the power network aiming to maximize the RES penetration in the system and minimize the conventional power demand by the thermal units. For the specific study, the evaluation of RES potential in Cyprus together with the overview of the island’s demand profiles were necessary in order to suggest best suited energy storage technology and most applicable hybridization concepts for Cyprus. The smart Grid approach is summarized in applying methods to smooth the demand side instead of cope generation to the demand only. Smart Grid techniques offer significant benefits if manage to transform the demand curve to cope with the most efficient generation mode. Expected implications to the Cypriot grid and sustainability are also examined through the change of the operation of the conventional units of Cyprus grid when 165 MW of storage capacity is applied and 200 MW of additional PVs are installed.

The present study performed in the framework of “Storage & Renewables Electrifying Cyprus” project (SREC, INTEGRATED/0916/0074). SREC project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Innovation Foundation.

Keywords: RES, Energy Storage, Pumped-Hydro, Hybrid Systems

Accepted for publication and presented at 14th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change, 13-15 October 2021

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